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Why We Don't Use Geotracking

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Why We Don't Use Geotracking


At Agrigistics, we understand that managing a large workforce in industries like farming and construction can be challenging. As technology evolves, we strive to create solutions that genuinely benefit both operations and workers. One question we often get is why we don't use geotracking. Let's dive into our approach and why we believe it’s the best fit for labour-intensive operations.

Activity Monitoring vs. Worker Movement

  • Activity Monitoring:
  • Worker Movement:

Why We Prefer Activity Monitoring

  1. Data Precision:
  2. Cost Efficiency:
  3. Respecting Privacy:
  4. Seamless Integration:
  5. Practicality:

Productivity vs. Movement

Many believe that if a worker is moving, they must be productive. However, movement alone doesn’t tell the full story:

  • Movement Doesn't Equal Work:
  • Activity Monitoring Provides Clarity:

The Benefits of Activity-Based Tracking

  1. Cost Management:
  2. Empowering Decisions:
  3. Transparency:

How We Use Activity Tracking

At Agrigistics, we streamline labour management by integrating activities directly into our time and attendance module. This system accurately tracks work performed, whether it’s tasks like planting and harvesting on farms or construction and site work. Employees clock in to specific activities using their devices, while supervisors can record detailed productivity metrics such as hours worked or units produced, like kilograms of crops harvested or metres of bricklaying. Each activity is categorized for easy differentiation and accurate reporting. This ensures payroll transparency and provides valuable insights into workforce productivity, helping optimise operations across various industries.

How We Achieve Accurate Job Costing

At Agrigistics, our integrated payroll system works seamlessly with activity monitoring to ensure precise job costing:

  • Activity Data:
  • Integration with Payroll:
  • Cost Calculation:
  • Insights for Management:

This approach enhances transparency, accuracy, and operational efficiency across various industries.


At Agrigistics, we’re committed to enhancing management practices with technology that respects both efficiency and ethics. By focusing on activity monitoring rather than geotracking, we provide precise, cost-effective, and respectful solutions for managing labour resources. Let’s work together to build a future where technology supports both the operation and the worker.