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Simplify Payroll with Real-Time Clocking Data

Ensure accurate, live payroll data with our all-in-one system, combining clocking and payroll processes for seamless and efficient management. Perfect for South Africa's Labour-intensive industries, Agrigistics optimises payroll with precision and flexibility.

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Built locally for South Africa's Labour-Intensive Industries

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Built With Flexibility In Mind

Designed For Workforces With Variable Wages

We understand that companies like yours have a variety of projects, teams and shifts which is why our system adapts to various pay structures and schedules seamlessly.

Manage Multiple Companies with Flexible Pay Runs

Easily manage payroll for multiple legal entities, each with its unique details, ensuring compliance with SARS and accurate filings. Set up multiple pay runs for different teams and schedules, accommodating various pay structures. This flexibility ensures efficient payroll management for diverse and complex workforce needs.

Oversee Hundreds of Employees with Ease

Manage large-scale operations effortlessly with our bulk management features. Export payment files to major South African banks, and import existing employee information along with leave balances.

Never Miss a Payroll Error Again

Our Payroll Health Checks ensure the accuracy and compliance of your pay runs by identifying errors and warnings that require your attention before finalisation. Permissions can be tailored to suit various administrative needs, ensuring that each stakeholder has the appropriate level of access. Audit logs provide a clear record of all actions, ensuring transparency and accountability.

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Audit Logs & Health Checks Payroll

Simple, Accurate, and Real-Time Payroll Solution

Streamline Your Payroll with Real-Time Data

Our payroll is linked directly to our time & attendance, providing real-time accuracy and includes features you’ll love, like bulk editing options for seamless payroll management.

Real-Time Labour Cost Tracking

Keep tabs on your total labour costs with real-time information on earnings, and deductions. Our system ensures you have the most up-to-date data at all times, helping you manage your budget more effectively and make informed financial decisions.

Adaptive Payslips

Generate detailed payslips automatically, including total earnings and deductions. Customise payslips with your company logo and specific employee details, eliminating errors and reducing manual work.

Effortless Overtime and Leave Management

Easily calculate and manage overtime, leave, loans, and savings for your employees. Disburse loans directly through an employee's payslip and specify repayment amounts. Deduct monthly savings and distribute them to employees upon request, with all balances clearly displayed on their payslips.

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Dedicated Customer Support

Experience Unmatched Support with Agrigistics

Our expert team of payroll consultants ensures you get the most out of our system, from seamless onboarding to ongoing assistance.

Seamless Onboarding

Our dedicated onboarding consultants ensure a smooth transition from your current system, getting you up and running quickly. We guide you through every step, making sure all your data is accurately transferred and set up, so you can start using Agrigistics with confidence.

Expert Assistance

Our team includes qualified payroll consultants and time and attendance specialists who provide expert guidance on all aspects of our system. Whether you need help with payroll processing, troubleshooting, or optimising your use of the platform, our experts are here to assist you at no extra cost.

Comprehensive Support and Documentation

Our team of specialists are available during office hours on various support platforms, including email and WhatsApp. Our comprehensive help documentation is available 24/7 and is continuously updated to ensure it is always up-to-date. This way, you can efficiently manage your payroll and timekeeping needs with confidence and ease, knowing you never have to figure out anything on your own.

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Simplify, Save, and Succeed with Agrigistics

Ready To Start Saving Time and Money On Payroll?

Get started today and see how our flexible, real-time payroll solutions can revolutionise your operations and boost your productivity.



Have any questions?

We're here to help! Find answers to common questions about our products and services. If you don't see what you're looking for, feel free to reach out to us directly.

How can Agrigistics help reduce payroll processing time?

Our system automates many of the manual processes involved in payroll management, such as data entry, overtime calculations, and payslip generation. This significantly reduces the time spent on payroll tasks, allowing administrators to focus on other important duties.

Can I use just your time & attendance or payroll solution?

No, our value lies in our unique integration between time attendance and payroll, providing a seamless, all-in-one solution. This ensures accurate, real-time data management and efficient operations.

Is Agrigistics Payroll Fully Compliant?

Yes, Agrigistics Payroll is fully compliant with South African regulations, including SARS and the Department of Labour requirements. We ensure accurate and timely submission of UIF, PAYE, and other necessary documentation. Our system also offers customisable payslips to meet your specific needs.