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Leading the Way in Efficient Labour Management

At Agrigistics, we're changing how labour-intensive industries work. Our smart solutions seamlessly combine time and attendance, activity monitoring, and payroll management, giving you real-time insights and precise data. Designed to be simple, flexible, and fully supported, we help businesses get the most out of their workforce, boost productivity, and run operations smoothly. Join us in making labour management easier, more efficient, and better for everyone involved.

Founders Of Agrigistics

Our Story

How We Started

In the heart of South Africa, Agrigistics began with three founders – two computer engineers and an industrial engineer – who created a custom system for the mining industry. A local farmer saw its potential, leading to an adapted solution for agriculture. As neighbouring farms saw its efficiency, demand grew, and Agrigistics was born. Today, we serve various labour-intensive industries, continually evolving to improve labour management.


Our mission is to simplify labour management for South Africa's industries. We provide easy-to-use, accurate tools that help businesses track work hours, streamline payroll, and boost productivity. Our goal is to make managing labour efficient and stress-free.


Our vision is to be the leading solution for South Africa's labour-intensive industries. We aim to ensure every team member benefits from our system, eliminating wasted time and making labour management seamless and efficient for all. Built for South Africans by South Africans, we strive to continuously innovate and provide dedicated support to our clients.


Core values

What We Believe In

At Agrigistics, our core values reflect not just our commitment to providing exceptional solutions but also how each team member is aligned with these principles. These values guide our actions and decision-making, ensuring we stay true to our mission and vision.


We believe in making things simple and easy to use. Our tools are designed to streamline labour management, making it accessible and stress-free for everyone involved.


Precision is at the heart of what we do. We ensure our solutions provide accurate tracking and reporting, giving businesses reliable data to manage their operations effectively.


We are dedicated to continuous improvement. By embracing innovation, we keep our solutions cutting-edge, ensuring our clients benefit from the latest advancements in technology and efficiency.


Our commitment to our clients goes beyond providing tools. We offer dedicated support to help businesses make the most of our solutions, ensuring their success and satisfaction.


Our Clients

See who is using Agrigistics

Over 150 companies are enjoying the benefits of Agrigistics. Our labour solution is beneficial for multiple roles within labour-intensive companies, including owners, administrators, and managers.

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Our Expert Team

The Talent Behind Agrigistics

At Agrigistics, our in-house team is the heart of our success. Each member brings unique skills and expertise to our mission of revolutionising labour management. From our innovative engineers to our dedicated support staff, everyone plays a crucial role in delivering top-notch solutions to our clients.