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Clock, Manage & Pay Your Farm Employees

Use RFID and Biometric Technology to clock your farm workers. Instantly reflect data on your payroll for accurate and actionable insights, helping you manage, incentivise, and improve your workforce efficiently.

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A Simple & Effective Solution That WORKS!

Streamline admin tasks with our all-in-one system, built for agriculture. Turn hours of payroll and data management into minutes with real-time updates, ensuring instant, error-free payroll and attendance data for your farm.

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Time & Attendance

Clock Farm Workers With Ease

Easily clock employees with RFID, fingerprint and facial-recognition technology. Access real-time data on leave, overtime, hours worked, and employee timelines to resolve queries easily. Manage your workforce with simplicity and accuracy.


Job Costing

Identify Top Harvesters

Clock employee activities by task, area, and block, and attach supervisor info for accountability. Customisable units let you tailor the system to your needs. Because clocking data and payroll are linked, our portal provides detailed costs per unit and per hour.


Integrated Live Payroll

Seamless Management

Easily manage payroll for multiple farms and teams. Track resignations and turnover, and access live information on earnings and deductions. Automate payroll calculations, generate bulk payment files, and offer loans, savings, and custom deductions. Our flexible system supports multiple payroll inputs like UIF, SDL, Provident Fund, Unions, and Medical Aid, ensuring accurate and timely payments.

Magic Happens When You Combine Clocking and Payroll On One Platform

Combining clocking and payroll into one seamless, easy-to-use system, we ensure precise tracking of employee hours and activities. Data flows directly into our purpose-built payroll, making the process effortless and accurate. Say goodbye to manual calculations and errors, and hello to saving time and ensuring payroll accuracy.

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Live Overview with Leave
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Why Agrigistics?

Agrigistics seamlessly integrates clocking and payroll, delivering precise time management, simplified processing, real-time data, improved compliance, and unmatched efficiency—all on a platform we built ourselves. No other system can offer this level of performance and support.

Built For South African Farms

Our flexible tool adjusts to various payment methods, fitting perfectly into any labour-intensive environment. Minimise overtime costs with our adaptable system.

Support You Can Count On

Get immediate, tailored support without extra fees. We ensure you get real value from our product, with expert help always available.

Flawless Simplicity with Live Data

Our system turns hours of payroll tasks into minutes. Real-time updates provide instant, accurate clocking and payroll data, reducing errors and manual work.


Our Clients

See who is using Agrigistics.

Over 150 Companies are enjoying the benefits of Agrigistics. Our labour solution is beneficial for multiple roles within labour-intensive companies, including owners, administrators, and managers.

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Have any questions?

If you can't find the answer you're looking for, we're here to help! Our system was built from the ground up with a deep understanding of the unique challenges each farm faces. That's why we offer personalised online demonstrations to show how Agrigistics can meet your specific needs. Reach out to us, and we'll be happy to answer any questions you have!

How can Agrigistics help reduce payroll processing time?

Our system automates many of the manual processes involved in payroll management, such as data entry, overtime calculations, and payslip generation. This significantly reduces the time spent on payroll tasks, allowing administrators to focus on other important duties.

Can I use just your time & attendance or payroll solution?

No, our value lies in our unique integration between time attendance and payroll, providing a seamless, all-in-one solution. This ensures accurate, real-time data management and efficient operations.

Does Agrigistics Support Companies Outside South Africa?

No, Agrigistics is specifically designed to support South African companies, ensuring full compliance with local regulations and optimising operations for labour-intensive industries in South Africa.