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Simplify Your Time & Attendance with Precision Clocking

Effortlessly clock employee hours, reduce overtime, and finalise payroll in minutes, using RFID, fingerprint, and facial recognition technology.

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Built locally for South Africa's Labour-Intensive Industries

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Flexible Clocking

Reliable Clocking Devices

Whether you call it clocking, timekeeping or Time and Attendance, we’ve got you covered. At Agrigistics we offer various clocking methods that can accommodate your company’s needs.

Rugged Android Devices

Our rugged Android devices withstand tough environments while providing reliable clock-in and clock-out data. Employees tap RFID wristbands against the devices to clock in and out. Designed for labour-intensive industries, our devices ensure accurate shift length calculations and consistent performance. We manage the SIM cards for these devices, ensuring seamless connectivity.

RFID Wristbands

The silicone wristbands with embedded RFID chips are convenient and durable, making clock-ins seamless and efficient. Employees tap their wristbands on the device to clock in and out. This mobile solution simplifies the process and enhances accuracy.

Biometric Device

Facial recognition and fingerprint scanning, ensure precise identification for clocking data. By accurately verifying each employee, these devices prevent time theft and ensure that clock-ins are genuine. These devices can be mounted to one point, linked to turnstiles or there is the option of having a mobile unit.

rfid wristband and device clocking
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Real-Time Data

Easily Manage Live Clocking Data From Anywhere

Our live platform offers instant visibility into your workforce, allowing anyone who needs access to see who is working at any time. Easily view employee timelines, manage shifts, and track hours, including overtime, for efficient workforce management.

Detailed Employee Timelines

Our system accurately tracks daily hours, including overtime and short time. View detailed daily activities and add overrides or additional information for specific days, offering an effective way to manage and review employee data.

Flexible Shift and Break Management

Customise shifts and breaks, including overtime, short-time, and seasonal hours, to fit your unique operational needs. Live data updates ensure you have the latest information for informed scheduling decisions. This flexibility allows you to adapt to changing requirements effortlessly.

Comprehensive Leave Management

Effortlessly manage leave, add notes, and pull detailed leave reports for better oversight. Leave is calculated based on hours worked, providing more accuracy than traditional day-based systems.

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Seamless Integration for Effortless Payroll

Never Miss a Payroll Error Again

All the clocking data is instantly pulled through to our own payroll. This integration ensures that all data is accurate, up-to-date, and easily accessible.

Insightful Reporting and Dashboards

Generate comprehensive reports and dashboards that provide valuable insights into workforce activities, productivity, and costs. Access real-time information on total earnings, and deductions of employees, providing a clear view of your total labour costs.

Fully Compliant

You can set up your site to be fully compliant with BCEA, SIZA, and other relevant standards for agriculture and construction in South Africa. We ensure compliance with local labour laws, guaranteeing fair compensation for your workforce and aligning with the Basic Conditions of Employment Act (BCEA). All data is accessible live, ensuring transparency and compliance.

Payslip Generation

Our integrated payroll system calculates payslips from clocking data, ensuring accurate and compliant payroll processing. You can set hourly rates for normal hours, holiday hours, and Saturday and Sunday hours, all reflected on the payslip.

Employee Pay Run Details
Audit Logs & Health Checks Payroll
Payslip Earning and Deductions For Various Wages
rfid wristband and device clocking
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Simplify, Save, and Succeed with Agrigistics

Join more than 150 companies managing their employees with Agrigistics

Our solution has enabled businesses to cut costs by eliminating unnecessary overtime and significantly reducing the time spent on payroll paperwork. Our team is ready to show you how we can optimise your labour management processes.


Dedicated Customer Support

Unparalleled Support for Your Time and Attendance Needs

Our expert team of time and attendance specialists ensures you get the most out of our system, from seamless onboarding to ongoing assistance.

Smooth Onboarding

Our onboarding specialists ensure an easy transition from your current system, getting you up and running in no time. We assist you every step of the way, ensuring all your data is accurately transferred and configured, so you can start using Agrigistics with ease.

Specialised Expertise

Our team includes experienced time and attendance specialists who offer guidance on all aspects of our system. Whether you need assistance with tracking hours, managing schedules, or optimising the platform, our experts are here to help you at no additional cost.

Extensive Support and Resources

We provide detailed help documentation and continuous support to ensure effective management of your time and attendance requirements. Our team is always available to provide immediate, specialised support, ensuring you never have to figure out anything on your own.



Have any questions?

We're here to help! Find answers to common questions about our products and services. If you don't see what you're looking for, feel free to reach out to us directly.

Can I use just your time & attendance or payroll solution?

No, our value lies in our unique integration between time attendance and payroll, providing a seamless, all-in-one solution. This ensures accurate, real-time data management and efficient operations.

Can your system operate without an internet connection?

Yes, our Android clocking devices are designed to store data offline and sync with the system once a connection is re-established, ensuring no data is lost. However, an internet connection is required to access our cloud-based portal.

Does your hardware support geotracking or scale integrations?

No, our hardware does not support geotracking or scale integrations. Our focus is on providing reliable clocking solutions through Android devices, RFID wristbands, and biometric scanners for accurate time and attendance management.