Agrigistics Labour Solution

Agrigistics Labour Solution is a labour management and optimisation tool built for the South African agricultural sector.

How does it work?

Agrigistics offers a cloud-based labour solution designed to increase productivity and decrease costs built from the ground up for the South African agricultural sector. Our user-friendly platform includes live time & attendance and activity monitoring that feeds directly into our integrated payroll.


Rugged Android Device

  • A rugged cellular device that has the Agrigistics app pre-installed to capture real-time data in the field for all the modules.

Employee RFID Wristband

  • Wristbands containing an RFID chip that is linked to the employee’s ID.

Fingerprint & Facial Recognition

  • Biometric devices can be securely linked to access control systems, such as turnstiles or magnetic doors, providing reliable and convenient methods for user authentication. In addition, biometric devices are used in conjunction with RFID tags, offering flexibility and redundancy in access control.


Our Agrigistics Labour Solution consists of three elements that are used together to obtain the full benefits of optimised labour from start to finish.

Time & Attendance

Track Employee Hours Anywhere On The Farm By Using RFID, Fingerprint & Facial Technology.

Activity Monitoring

Track & Link Costs To All Activities On The Farm.


Integrated In-Field Data Makes Pay Day Easier Than Ever Before.

Benefits Of Using Agrigistics

  • Agrigistics Is a Cloud-based System That Safely Stores All Data
  • User-Friendly Platform
  • See your Live Labour Costs In Real-time Any Day Of The Month
  • Use Data To Make Insightful Decisions On Your Farm
  • Customisable Pay Runs Simplify Payroll Processing
  • Dedicated Customer Success Managers For Each Client To Ensure Preset Goals Are Reached

How Do I Get Started?

We want to ensure that each farm is set up to reach its individual goals. Contact us to schedule an online demonstration meeting where we discuss the value that Agrigistics can add to your farming operations.