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Updated Job Costing Report, New Payrun Templates and Sleek Designs

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Updated Job Costing Report, New Payrun Templates and Sleek Designs

Are you ready to take your farm's efficiency to the next level? Agrigistics' latest update brings ground-breaking features to your fingertips, enabling unparalleled management of job costing, payroll, and labour tracking.

Transform Your Farm's Efficiency with Our Enhanced Design

New Sleek Portal Design

Agrigistics takes farm management systems to the next level with our latest update. Featuring a sleek, modern design, our user-friendly interface maximizes your operational workflow, minimizes unnecessary clicks, and accelerates navigation. This update is ideal for agricultural businesses seeking a time-saving solution to enhance productivity.

Precision Job Costing Integrated in Your Reports

Job Costing Per Activity, Hours, Employees

Gain complete visibility and control over your agricultural labour costs with our sophisticated job costing tools, now seamlessly integrated into your Activity Block Duration reports. This invaluable feature allows you to monitor and manage farm labour expenses with precision, making it a vital tool for cost-effective farm management.

Advanced Payroll Access Management

Elevate your farm's payroll system with Agrigistics' enhanced user permissions feature. Securely manage who has access to sensitive payroll data and pay runs, ensuring that your agricultural payroll management remains both confidential and compliant. This update is crucial for farm owners and managers prioritizing security and precision in their payroll processes.

Key Updates and Functional Enhancements

  • Automated Night Shift Pay Adjustments

Our intelligent system now automatically accounts for night shift allowances, providing accurate compensation for farm workers and simplifying night payroll calculations.

  • Real-Time Invoice Monitoring

Keep a vigilant eye on your finances with our innovative billing viewer. Instant access to real-time invoice tracking and payment notifications ensures that your farm's financial obligations are always in check.

  • Streamlined Pay Run Templates

Enjoy the ease of payroll processing with our new and improved pay run templates, designed to make your agricultural payroll management a smooth and efficient experience.

Here's why there's no time to waste

Immediate Gains

From the moment you join, you'll benefit from our existing suite of tools designed to fine-tune your farm's performance, manage resources effectively, and reduce administrative burdens.

The early bird catches the worm

By implementing Agrigistics on your farm today, you will be one of the first's to experience future product updates that will add value to your operations.

Competitive Edge

In an industry where margins can be tight and efficiency is key, the latest updates can make all the difference. Be the farm that consistently outperforms competitors through superior labour management and cost control.

Don't let this opportunity pass. The future of farm management is here, and it's powered by Agrigistics. Act now and prepare to experience maximum efficiency in farm management. Your farm deserves the best — and the best is what we deliver.

Join us today, and transform tomorrow.

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