Transforming Saronsberg's Labour Management with Agrigistics

December 6, 2023
2 min read


Nestled in South Africa's beautiful Tulbagh Valley, Saronsberg Vineyard is known for its excellent wines and stunning scenery. This story explores their journey towards better labour management, thanks to their discovery of Agrigistics on Facebook.

The Challenge: Labour Tracking Problems

Saronsberg faced a big problem with their old-fashioned way of tracking worker hours using pen and paper. Their operations consist of multiple teams attending to different areas on the farm for example, teams in the vineyard tending to the crops as well as employees working at their accommodation and venue. It was a slow process that took almost half a day each fortnight to ensure the hours and wages were correctly transferred for payroll processing.

Implementing Agrigistics: A Smoother Path

Intrigued by Agrigistics, Roux, the Viticulturist, decided to give it a try. A customised online demo with Agrigistics and their entire team convinced them that this was the answer. With help from Saronsberg's team and our dedicated support, they seamlessly started integrating Agrigistics, starting a new era in their labour management.

Agrigistics in Action: A Game-Changer

Agrigistics' RFID wristbands and devices brought a breath of fresh air to Saronsberg. Now, they clock worker activities in real time, making it easier to pay workers based on what they did with our integrated payroll solution. Plus, everyone in the team has instant access to data, making decisions quicker and smarter. This big step forward in making labour management efficient and accurate has brought in tangible results for the team at Saronsberg who now only spend 15 minutes every fortnight to finalise their wages.

Saronsberg's Story

Roux shared, "Our partnership with Agrigistics changed everything and has made our lives 100 times easier. Switching to this high-tech solution made our work smoother and more efficient. What used to take half a day for payroll now takes just 15 minutes."


Saronsberg's journey with Agrigistics shows how technology can revolutionise traditional businesses. Just like Saronsberg, your operation can benefit from innovative solutions. Join us on this journey and see how Agrigistics can make your labour management more efficient and boost your operational efficiency.


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