Simplifying Workforce Management with Our Employee Overview Report

December 17, 2023
2 min read

At Agrigistics, our goal is to make managing your workforce as easy and efficient as possible. Our Employee Overview Report is a big step in that direction. This blog post will walk you through how this report helps our clients seamlessly manage their labour management.

Visit our What Is Agrigistics Blog to learn more about how we clock employees.

What the Report Does

This report puts together all the clock-in and activity data for each employee into one easy-to-read report. It shows you a summary of how many hours each employee worked and what they did each day. Plus, you can add or change information as needed.

Making the Report Work for You

You can set the report to fit your needs:

  • Filters: Pick specific teams or employees to focus on. This lets you see just the information you want, whether it's for one person or a whole group.
  • Clock Template Settings: This part lets you change the default settings for all the employees you've selected. For example, you can decide what counts as overtime and what doesn't.
  • Query Parameters: These settings let you control how the report processes the data. You can choose to include things like public holiday hours in the normal work hours, which is helpful for accurate record-keeping.

Getting Your Report

Once you've set everything up:

  • Hit the Generate button to see your report.

Dealing with Exceptions

The report will show you if there are any unusual things, like missing clock-ins or outs, overtime, or short workdays. You can easily find and fix these issues right in the report.

Adjusting Employee Times

The Clock Override feature lets you adjust the time records for each activity. This is useful if you need to change work hours for things like unexpected weather closures.

Exporting Data

  • Detailed View & Exports: Turn on the detailed view for more information on each employee's day. You can export summaries or detailed reports for record-keeping.

Managing Employee Data

  • Daily Bulk Manage: Quickly change data for many employees for a specific day.
  • Single Employee Manage: Focus on one employee at a time to add or adjust their work hours and other details.

Wrapping Up

This report is all about making your job easier when it comes to managing your team. It's designed to give you all the information you need in a format that's simple to understand and use.


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