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At Agrigistics, we revolutionise labour management for diverse industries, transcending traditional boundaries. Our innovative, South African-based start-up is at the forefront of integrating cutting-edge RFID technology, biometric systems, and sophisticated data analysis. Our all-in-one solution seamlessly blends worker monitoring, payroll, and operational insights, empowering businesses like yours to optimise their labour resources.

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Our Story

How We Started

In the heart of South Africa, Agrigistics began as a brainchild of three founders - two computer engineers and an industrial engineer - who initially developed a custom system for the mining industry. Their expertise soon caught the attention of a local farmer, leading to an adapted solution for agriculture. As neighbouring farms witnessed the system's efficiency, demand surged, giving birth to Agrigistics. Now catering to multiple labour-intensive industries, the company has grown with a team of passionate experts, continually evolving to redefine labour management across sectors.


All-in-One Integrated Solution

Time and Attendance

Effortlessly track employee hours across any work environment using RFID, fingerprint, and facial recognition technology.

Activity Monitoring

Accurately manage piecework and link costs to all activities, ensuring comprehensive oversight.

Integrated Payroll

Simplify payday with integrated in-field data, streamlining the payroll process for any operation.

Roux Conradie

Viticulturist - Saronsberg

Our collaboration with Agrigistics has made our lives 100x easier. Transitioning to Agrigistics’ technology has not just streamlined our processes; it has revolutionised our labour management, reducing the time spent on wages from half a day to just 15 minutes every fortnight

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